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In The Long Hours
I sit uneasily in our bed
Feeling so small
The sheets stretching away from me
Like acres of blush tinted landscape
I know it is not for long
Your absence is temporary
Your ring sparkles from my finger
Your return is assured
It is memories that plague me
On the nights you are gone
Phantoms of forgotten loneliness
Ghosts of cold nights past
The lingering trace of those years
Years of distance and heartbreak
Of sobbing into pillows
Of "never again"
I pull your pillow to my chest
Still pungent with your scent
Murmur to myself that is won't be long
And sleep comes
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James liked these small, old fashioned Japanese restaurants.  He had encountered them a while back on a business trip to Japan, and had looked diligently for them in the US upon his return.  There was just something about them.  He sat in a private room, separated from the rest of the establishment by paper screens, overlooking a rather charming (if small) garden.  There were four such rooms in this particular place, and it had taken him some effort to procure one.  But he preferred a small, more intimate setting for this dinner.
At seven precisely, she appeared.  The screen door slid to the side to reveal a beautiful woman with brown hair so dark it would appear black in dimmer light, and a body that was clearly the result of an active lifestyle.  She was quite professional looking in a double-breasted, pinstripe suit and a pair of delicate, silver framed glasses.  Of course, the jacket was tailored to fit
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The Words Won't Come
My head is aching
My eyelids heavy
My heart bereaving
And the words won’t come
My fingers itch to move
The keyboard
The pen
The paper
It all calls to me
But the words won’t come
My mind is screaming
The silence is oppressive
The stark white
The unblemished canvas
The gaping void
And still no words
Nothings comes
Nothing breaks the tension
I stare dumbfounded
The ideas crowd
The worlds collide
Realities shudder and sigh
Yet still the words won’t come
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All I Do is Smile
You tell me that you're happy
You tell me that it's good
And all I do is smile
Because it's as it should
You say we'll be together
You say it just takes time
And all I do is smile
Because for now that's fine
I tell you that I miss you
I tell you that I'm proud
Then all I do is smile
And lose you in the crowd
You tell me that you love me
You swear it won't be long
And all I do is smile
Though we both know this song
They tell me that I'm strong
They tell me that we're smart
And all I do is smile
And hide my aching heart
They ask me how you're doing
They ask me how it's been
And all I do is smile
But my smile's wearing thin
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The Naming, Part II
"Trouble.  Trouble!  Wake up!  What did you do!?"
Trouble whipped her head up, startled out of sleep and ready to defend herself, and immediately regretted it.  The room spun and she fell as quickly as she had risen.  It took another minute before she tentatively lifted her head again.  Her eyes focusing this time, she found herself staring at a rather irritated Malik.  It was somewhat  touching to see that the irritation was rapidly being replaced with guarded curiosity and perhaps a bit of concern.
"Malik," she murmured, and reached forward, grabbing his arm to pull herself up.  She heard him take in a quick breath, surprised, but stood slowly so that her grip on his arm hauled her to her feet.
"What did you do, Trouble," Malik repeated, still irritated but in a softer voice.
"I didn't" she began, but trailed off as she looked around.  She was standing in the center of a large scorch
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The Naming, Part I
It was a glorious sunset.  The sky was aflame with scarlet, orange, and gold, the colors blending together like paints on an artist's palette.  The light colored the strange little city with it's white walls, high towers, and arched passages, lending it a glowing, golden quality, accented by the firey gleam off of beaten copper roofs.  The streets were the only part of this city that did not embrace glow in the setting sun the black cobblestones absorbed all light, running through the city like dark rivers cutting through burning glaciers.
The city was beginning to calm it was summer, so the sun was setting at the end of a rather long day.  The market was closing down, vendors calling it a day, some simply closing their doors while others folded up their brightly colored tents.  People were returning to their homes, or finding other amusements for the evening.  The most noise in this delicate, bright city was coming from a
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It is Fitting
It is fitting that I should long for you
That I should wake and reach out to the empty place beside me
That I should close my eyes and remember your scent
And spend my nights in a daze of feverish dreams
Dreams of your mouth to my own, your body against mine
It is fitting that I should think of you
That I should smile to myself at the mention of your name
That I should think of the sea and think of your eyes
And content myself with imagining your smile
And imagining you're smiling at me
It is fitting that I should love you
That I should know so well the music of your laugh
That I should grasp the twistings of your mind
And find a comfortable niche in your reality
For you long for and think of and love me
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Mature content
Inside My Haunted Head, Part I :iconreddequeen:reddequeen 0 2
A Long Road
It's been a long road, this loving
Strange twists and dangerous turns
Chaotic as the path of a tear
But sweeter than honey dissolving on the tongue
And more piercing than an arrow
More piercing than your gaze
Painful in ways that never show on the skin
Heavy with time and meaning and memories
Fraught with sorrows and anger and lies
Sodden with joys and lingering kisses
Resounding with laughter and shouts of pleasure
Resonating with a deep, unspoken understanding
It's been a long road, this loving
But one well traveled
And one neither of us are done with yet
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Mature content
The Dolphin's Cry :iconreddequeen:reddequeen 5 15
A Different Love
We do not love like others
Those who cling desperately to their hearts
Who hold back from fear or in hopes of something better
The ones who hide behind their lives
Seeing everyone as a possible enemy
Another way for the world to hurt them
We do not share in their passion
Those who jealously guard their hearts
And even more jealously guard their heart's desire
And would lock their beloved in a cage
To be theirs and theirs alone for eternity
Or the ones who have refused love
Seeing it as nothing but an irritation
A distraction that serves no purpose
We are the ones who never count the cost
Who proudly show our battle scars
Cherishing each memory and remembering each lesson
Who learn from our mistakes
But never let the past stop us from trying again
Smiling patiently when others tell us we're wrong
Or even say we're crazy to love as we do
We who throw our arms open to the sky
Embrace the rain and scream in defiance
That yes we will love and be loved
And do so freely and without fear or li
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Never Move
I'm so tired
Every part of me aches
I've been crying for an hour
All I want is sleep
All I want is you
But sleep will have to do
Cause you're not here
And you're not going to be
I should get used to this
That's what they say
That's the message you give
So what do I do
But I can't leave this point
And you won't come
So we're stuck staring
And we're never gonna move
:iconreddequeen:reddequeen 0 3
Mature content
Asia At Odd Hours, Part II :iconreddequeen:reddequeen 0 4
Mature content
Asia at Odd Hours, Part I :iconreddequeen:reddequeen 0 0
Mature content
Anything But Subtle :iconreddequeen:reddequeen 0 1
The Impling and His Flowers :iconreddequeen:reddequeen 1 2


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by Noben

The detail going into this piece is admirable, to say the least. There is a lot going on, but at the same time that doesn't take away f...


So yeah, since Deviant Art isn't exactly a huge priority for me (because, as previously stated, it's not the best forum for feedback for authors), I still haven't finished editing everything and cleaning up my page.  I'll get to it.  But not right now.  October is dedicated to Halloween activities.  November is dedicated to NaNoWriMo.  Might be back by December.

In the meantime, still writing.  I actually started a fanfic, of all things, and that makes me feel dirty.  But I'm still writing it!

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Redde Cesarzowa
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Redde has a writing problem. She's sought help for it, but her friends and family have accepted that it's never going to go away. As such, she attempts to indulge in this strange addiction at a moderate pace, trying her hardest not to fall into the dangerous, destructive spiral that is full-time writing.

That aside, Redde is an occasionally charming woman living with her children and husband (in that order) in the greater Seattle area. She's known to be bitchy, caustic, loving, nurturing, sarcastic, sincere, fatalistic, optimistic, sex-crazed, calm, and completely spastic in any given twenty-four hour period. Feeding instructions include (but are not limited to) liberal amounts of Tazo Chai, Thai foods involving peanut sauce, sushi, and French pastries - the Redde is most certainly an omnivore. She prefers densely populated areas with easy access to Starbucks, shopping, and places to socialize. Her coloring changes frequently, though she seems to prefer to clothe herself in black, and there are no known records of her natural hair color.


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